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Do it your self college planning course is now available to everyone.
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Get the DIY class and 4 hours of assistance to help you through the process
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Do it yourself is not for everyone, that's why we offer full-service college planning.
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of students change their major 3-4 times throughout college.

The average amount of time it takes a college student to graduate from a 4-year program is 6 years.

of students drop out of college during their sophomore year.

Third-party scholarships represent only 3% of the total financial aid awarded.

On average, families and students overpay anywhere between $50,000-$150,000 for college.

Total savings from using our College Strategy course curriculum:

College Planning Success Course

This college planning process has been used to help thousands of families throughout the past 20 years. For the first time, it is now accessible to more families than ever, at a reduced price. 

Instead of paying for a full-service package (which includes a full-time advisor), we have created a course curriculum with everything you need to do-it-yourself at a more affordable cost to you. 

Here’s a quick outline of what’s included in the College Planning Success Course:

  1. Step-by-step student and counselor “to-do” actions
  2. Best academic plan guidelines for your student
  3. Career assessments and research guidelines
  4. Guidance on college selections based on career choices
  5. College Exploration Template for college research
  6. Job shadow guidelines for student experiences
  7. Guidance on SAT/ACT test preparation, tools, and strategies
  8. Guidance for filling out college applications
  9. Pointers on writing college application essay(s)
  10. A how-to guide for filling out the FAFSA
  11. Guidance on financial and merit-award analysis
  12. Award Letter Analysis Template for award review
  13. Guidance on writing appeal letters to request additional aid
  14. Advice on applying for third-party scholarships
  15. Guidance on college acceptance and next steps
  16. Reflection questions for the student
  17. Check-in questions for the counselor
  18. Regular updates regarding any changes in the process

You can opt out of your membership at any time.

College funding solutions you can do yourself.

What People Say

Former Student

Last week we received an additional $6,000 per year from W&J through the appeal process. That absolutely would not have been possible without your help and I really appreciate all that you have done to help us!

Frank Peters

I am so grateful for this DIY program. It has helped us save thousands of dollars. I would recommend it to any parent with teenagers planning on going to college.

Ross Pope

Ada, MI

The information I’ve learned has helped me save thousands of dollars.

Kim Schwartzkopt

Grand Haven, MI

I can’t express to you enough how grateful we are to have had the support of your college planning to walk us through this whole process. I never would have dreamed that this is where we would be 18 months ago. Thank you for your guidance!