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DIY Course

Do it your self college planning course is now available to everyone.
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Get the DIY class and 4 hours of assistance to help you through the process
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Do it yourself is not for everyone, that's why we offer full-service college planning.
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College Funding Strategies

We offer educational solutions, by seasoned professionals who have experience putting their own students through college, along with the many pitfalls and costly mistakes that can occur without proper planning.

Let us help you formulate the best strategy to fund the unmet or unrewarded balance of college costs without large loan debt, change of lifestyle, or dipping into retirement savings.


College Application Process

Learn to navigate the college application process

Financial Aid

Tips for getting the most financial aid and scholarships

Alternate Funding Sources

Learn the alternate ways to fund college

Package Options

At College Strategy, we get it—the college planning process can be a fun, yet challenging journey.
We help streamline the college planning process for our families, making the process easy to navigate.
We also know that families come in different shapes and sizes with different needs and budgets, so we have designed college planning packages that meet different family needs:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Hybrid
  • Full Service

Take a minute to explore each package to learn more.

For those Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fans, we offer the DIY college planning package, with helpful resources, tips, and tools created by experts who want you and your student to be successful.

As the name suggests, Hybrid packages offer a nice blend—still a project you take on, but with help from our experts at key points in the College Planning process (like FAFSA!).

The Full-Service package is our best service. It’s a comprehensive and integrative range of college planning services—your one-stop shop for college planning with the help of experienced professionals.

Course Walkthrough

Join Hannah DeVecht as she walks through the entire College Strategy site, and get a sneak peak at what the DIY and Hybrid courses will include. She will explain the in’s and out’s of college planning  and some of the most important things you will need to remember along the way.

College Strategy is set up to help you and your student succeed as you plan, apply and prepare for college.

College funding solutions you can do yourself.

What People Say

Kim Schwatrzkopf

I can’t express to you enough how grateful we are to have had the support of your college planning to walk us through this whole process. I never would have dreamed that this is where we would be 18 months ago. Thank you for your guidance and we look forward to continuing working with you.

Hollie Cardenas

I’ve been impressed with College Planning Advisors since December when I came to the presentation. The College Planning Advisors team continues to go above and beyond and I would recommend you and your company everyone.

Ross Pope

Ada, MI

If you don’t attend, plan on overpaying for your children’s college. The information I learned at this meeting saved me tens of thousands of dollars.

Tom Schultz

Bloomfield Hills, MI

I learned that the financial aid forms are a very small part of a pretty complex process; this meeting is a MUST for any high school parent, the earlier the better.

Gina Bazany

Grand Haven, MI

I was skeptical about attending but feel very fortunate that I did! Every single high school in America should require students and parents to attend this meeting!

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